Friendship – What is it?

I have often thought about what friends I have.  I have not, for a very long time, thrown all friends into one basket.  I also think that people can only handle things that are within their sphere – so for example, it is useless discussing the opera with someone like me, because I don’t get it.  I have friends for different things, but usually it revolves around sharing. I don’t do one-way relationships – that is not friendship, that is … Continued

Monday Blues. Is there scientific evidence?

The term “Monday Blues” refers to the feeling of sadness, lethargy, or lack of motivation that some people experience at the beginning of the workweek, particularly on Mondays. While it is a commonly used expression, it is not a formally recognized medical or psychological condition. Instead, it is more of a colloquial term to describe a mood or emotional state. So, is it true? There is some scientific evidence that supports the idea that people may experience negative emotions or … Continued

Learning to love water again

I seem to have gotten into some rut – that of craving other drinks besides water: cola, especially cola zero or pepsi max. Maybe fruit juice or something like that. Not very healthy-lifestyle focussed! I used to drink water by the gallon. I loved drinking water. Most times, I couldn’t be bothered with anything else. I seem to have moved away from it. I also tend to go for sparkling water. Until I taste water in a refreshingly cool glass. … Continued

Alone you can go fast, together we can go further!

BEUC’s Consumer PRO motto rings an important bell in our minds. They remind us that collaboration is essential! Capacity building is an important concept. The laws have changed hugely (view our past posts). They are now more favourable to consumers while clarifying certain obligations for traders and harmonising the rules on consumer protection. The training in 2020 covered general consumer protection updates as well as the digital rights aspect of the EU consumer law framework. In 2022, another arm was … Continued

Representative Actions Directive – the deadline is coming soon!

The Representative Actions Directive comes into force half way through 2023 and the deadline for implementation by EU Member States is at the end of this year. Malta has just launched a public consultation – which ends on the 25th November – and it is hardly likely that the law will be adopted be on time. Not new to Maltese Law! There already is a Collective Procedures Act – Chapter 520 of the Laws of Malta – which contemplates a … Continued

Sanctioned Russian Oligarch wins right to use yacht on the French Riviera

A sanctioned Russian oligarch has won the right to use his yacht on the French Riviera. Rather, he has successfully challenged French customs due to a number of errors made in the procedure when they boarded the yacht. The EU sanctions apply across EU member states. French customs authorities are reported to have failed to follow the correct procedures. The court ordered the release of the yacht. Read the article here. Legal professionals from different parts of the world have … Continued