Sanctioned Russian Oligarch wins right to use yacht on the French Riviera

A sanctioned Russian oligarch has won the right to use his yacht on the French Riviera. Rather, he has successfully challenged French customs due to a number of errors made in the procedure when they boarded the yacht.

The EU sanctions apply across EU member states. French customs authorities are reported to have failed to follow the correct procedures. The court ordered the release of the yacht.

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A superyacht lies at anchor.
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A superyacht – image from stock.

Legal professionals from different parts of the world have argued that individuals facing such sanctions should succeed in these challenges. Assets are being seized without due process of law. Further, these seizures are taking effect without following any proper court process.

Clearly, there could be a deprivation of the right to one’s own property, without the proper court case to establish whether anyone has committed a crime.

These actions, merely on the basis that an individual has links to (in this case) the Russian government, appear to constitute a right about turn from the fundamental human right to property. This is arguable. The use of wealth to continue to back up the atrocities of war remains worrying. Sanctions of this type might be the only way to stop this practice.

What do you make of these stances and the worldwide seizure of assets of these Russian individuals?

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