Rubbish gives rats an opportunity to prey on birds’ eggs in Comino

In a video published recently, it was shown, through Birdlife and Littlerock’s efforts that the rubbish left after hundreds of visitors to beautiful Comino attracts rats to birds’ nests, depriving them of their young.

Rats prey on shearwater eggs and chicks in their nests close to were the rubbish is left. They are good climbers and swimmers, ahd the video shows how easily they can reach the eggs. Once the egg or chick is lost, the birds will not breed again until the following year. Shearwaters only lay one egg a year. Heavy pollution (rubbish left lying around) brings these rats closer to the birds’ nests.

Birdlife need us to help in the only way we can and that is by throwing rubbish in the bins or taking it back with us. They are making the necessary arrangements with authorities to make sure that the rubbish gets collected every evening. Contact Birdlife should you want to know how else you can be of help.

By Geraldine Spiteri

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