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I was admitted to practice law in 2002 and is a member of the Chamber of Advocates. I subsequently qualified in the specialised areas of EU and Comparative Law (Magister Juris at University of Malta) and International Maritime Law (LL.M. at the IMO International Maritime Law Institute).I lecture at the MCAST Maritime Institute and MCAST Institute of Agribusiness, as well as the European Institute of Education in matters relating to maritime law. I have served as a judicial assistant at the Courts of Justice, Malta, for over three years. My main areas of practice are maritime and transport law, superyachts and aviation, civil law, commercial and corporate law, EU law in general, competition law (anti-trust) and electronic communications law. I also hold a Diploma in Matrimonial Jurisprudence (Canonical Law relating to Marriages) from the Archdiocese of Malta, qualifying me to appear before the Ecclesiastical Tribunal in marriage nullity cases.

I currently work at the Office for Competition (Malta) which brings about a world of experience and contacts in terms of team management and international / EU relations. I also retain my lecturing posts and continually keeps abreast with developments in my other areas of practice.

By Geraldine Spiteri

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