Europe celebrates Justice Day!

The 25th October saw Europe celebrate European Day of Justice, an annual day to mark Europe’s commitment to the delivery of justice in its work.

The aim behind it is to bring justice closer to citizens, to inform them on their rights and to to promote the work of the Council of Europe and the European Commission in the field of justice, through simulation of procedures and information sessions

16 Member States have mobilised by organising various events such as free legal aid to citizens on their rights, open doors of courts, notarial chambers, information sessions, the provision of social platforms to ask questions, publications of books, films, etc.

Training and information sessions for justice professionals and students have also been organised across Europe. Competitions for law school students have gathered a high number of students.

The Maltese courts have marked this day by bringing to the citizens’ attention easy access to the progress of cases through the E-Courts system, which is now also accessible on a smartphone platform. This platform allows citizens to monitor the progress of their cases, including sitting dates, through an online system.

The online services also includes the Insolvency Register, payment of fines, searches on judicial sales being held and hall usage, which allows citizens to know which hall their sitting is being heard in.

It is also possible to get mobile notifications of court matters relevant to the person applying, and to pay court registry fees.

By Geraldine Spiteri

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