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The condominium is any group of four or more tenements in the same building where the common parts are shared. A ‘condominium’ would include the common entrance, stairways, lifts servicing the entire block and other shared areas.

It is important that the owners of apartments that form part of a condominium keep it in good shape. This includes regular cleaning and maintenance, to preserve the value of your property. A very beautiful apartment will only be worth the investment if the block is also well maintained.

The administration of a condominium requires coordination of the needs of all the owners of properties in that building. It is mostly concerned with the upkeep of common parts: maintenance and repairs, and cleaning. In some cases, the owners will have issues on which they will request assistance. This could include problems with a service provider or neighbouring block. Not all these issues are covered by the service of the administrator: where legal issues arise, it is often necessary for the administrator to appoint a lawyer, or to carry out legal services under a separate contract.

The administrator will collect all contributions, ensure that all bills are paid, and of course coordinate all the works necessary. Naturally, where issues arise, the administrator needs to ensure a proper balance between the interests of all. They must keep the block well-maintained and balancing the expenses with the means of the owners. Where legal issues arise concerning the block, knowing the proper avenues to obtain remedy is also key.

The appointment of an administrator is required by law where a block has 4 or more apartments, but it is always a good idea to appoint an external person or company, where the issues require handling by someone independent.

An external administrator will ensure that decisions are taken according to law. They can also guide the co-owners where it might be necessary to take any any legal action that might become necessary for any serviced condominium. The administrator is obliged to carry on with urgent and necessary works but must generally obtain the votes of the co-owners before proceeding to any work.

A majority vote is needed – the owners must vote to appoint the administrator and usually must vote on major works to be done. Following the proper process will ensure that

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