Ballast Water Management Convention brought into Force

Transport Malta, the competent authority in Malta to regulate shipping and ports, has issued a Merchant Shipping Notice, addressed to owners, operators, masters, of ships, owners’ representatives and recognised organisations, concerning the implementation of the Ballast Water Management Convention.  This was transposed through regulations issued in 2017

The Convention, as well as the implementing regulations in Malta, came into force on the 8th September 2017. As from this date, all Maltese ships engaged under international voyages to which the Convention applies, must comply with the said regulations.  Standards are set for the management of ballast water and sediments, including the drawing up and maintenance of a Ballast Water Management Plan (BWM Plan). A transition period has been granted, for up to three months from the date of entry into force, to allow for compliance, and subject to approval.  A Ballast Water Record Book is also to be maintained.

The Regulations may be downloaded from here:

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