Friendship – What is it?

I have often thought about what friends I have.  I have not, for a very long time, thrown all friends into one basket.  I also think that people can only handle things that are within their sphere – so for example, it is useless discussing the opera with someone like me, because I don’t get it.  I have friends for different things, but usually it revolves around sharing. I don’t do one-way relationships – that is not friendship, that is … Continued

Monday Blues. Is there scientific evidence?

The term “Monday Blues” refers to the feeling of sadness, lethargy, or lack of motivation that some people experience at the beginning of the workweek, particularly on Mondays. While it is a commonly used expression, it is not a formally recognized medical or psychological condition. Instead, it is more of a colloquial term to describe a mood or emotional state. So, is it true? There is some scientific evidence that supports the idea that people may experience negative emotions or … Continued