Europe celebrates Justice Day!

The 25th October saw Europe celebrate European Day of Justice, an annual day to mark Europe’s commitment to the delivery of justice in its work. The aim behind it is to bring justice closer to citizens, to inform them on their rights and to to promote the work of the┬áCouncil of Europe and the European Commission in the field of justice, through simulation of procedures and information sessions 16 Member States have mobilised by organising various events such as free … Continued

Malta Visa and Residency Programme

You can get your Malta residency and your Schengen VISA provided you fulfil all the requirements to do so. Why is Malta such a widely sought-after place to live? One can think of beaches, a comfortable lifestyle, good restaurants and the beautiful sea. Malta is also a good place to work or to open a business in because of its successful economy and its geographical location. Malta is indeed an excellent business hub. The Maltese archipelago lies virtually at the … Continued